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Pipeline Pillow Pads & Insulation Applications
Pipeline Pillow Pads &
Insulation Applications

Northeast Wyoming Industrial, Commercial and Residential Spray Foam Installation

Serving Upton, Newcastle, Sundance, Hulett, Moorcroft, Gillette, Pine Haven, and Surrounding Wyoming Areas

The Spray Foaming equipment and experience at our disposal enables White Construction to utilize this innovative technology in a variety of applications for industrial, commercial, and residential applications across the Northeast Wyoming region. This includes everything from spray foam insulation for homes and buildings, to industrial pipeline spray foam pillow pads.

While the chemical composition of the spray foam used for insulation and pipeline cushioning are not the same and have different purposes, you can count on this versatile technology to work exceedingly well for your property or assets.

White Construction is Northeast Wyoming’s Spray Foam Installation Expert.

INDUSTRIAL Spray Foam Pillow Pads

Spray Foam Pillow Pads

Spray Foam Pillow Pads for buried pipeline protection are an inexpensive alternative to sandbags, and far superior to even the most thorough dirt fill. They are used to shield the pipe from being positioned directly on rock or other hard surfaces, protecting the coating from damage. This helps greatly in reducing the need for coating repair excavations, saving you time and money.

Pillow pads can be custom-sized to fit all sizes of pipe, and are designed to support the pipe and prevent backfill erosion. The pillow pads conform to the pipe with an even weight load whereas sandbags can actually dent the pipe. These pipeline pillow pads can be sprayed in place at the job site, making this service quick and convenient as well.

White Construction has installed Spray Foam Pillow Pads at several industrial pipeline sites around the Northeast Wyoming region, helping companies to maximize their profits and reduce maintenance costs.

HOME & BUSINESS Spray Foam Insulation

Whether you’re looking for better outside noise blocking, or you want to maximize your heating and cooling system’s efficiency, Spray Foam Insulation is the solution to these problems and many more that Wyoming home and business owners face. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to go with Spray Foam Insulation, let this list of valuable benefits put your mind at ease.

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No matter what type of building, remodeling or renovation project we are contracted to perform in the Northeast Wyoming region, our thoroughness, attention to detail, specialized support, and personal service are consistently the hallmarks of everything we do – before, during and after project completion. White Construction never has been and never will be the kind of contractor you never see or hear from again once that final payment has been made. We believe strongly in meeting or exceeding your expectations, and going the extra mile is just the way we’ve always done things. So whether it’s a custom home building or remodeling project, or a commercial or industrial construction project that you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We think you’ll understand pretty quickly why White Construction has been the Northeast Wyoming region’s contractor of choice for over 45 years and counting.